Around 200 people went to the Fun Day and all were positive about the Trust taking on the youth & community centre and expanding to wider community use as The Centre.image004

Here are a few quotes and pictures:

“Great place for activities for all ages, abilities and interests”

“Love the idea of extending to make even more use of the site”

“What became clear on the day is the long history the youth centre has and how in the past it is has been at the very centre of the life of Swanage. Many people who have used the centre, been full time, part time or voluntary youth workers at the centre shared their fond, exciting and interesting memories of how the centre has involved Swanage Young People since the early 60’s. Clearly Swanage Youth Centre used to provide many sporting opportunities that young people excelled at and a number of bands/groups formed as a result of the centre, everyone was keen to see the centre move towards meeting the needs of local young people without some of the constraints of DCC requirements”

“I believe, by working with the Childrens’ Centre, we could make this into an exemplar integrated Child, Youth and family support centre. Lucky Swanage!”