Fresh Prospects

Fresh Prospects is now in its 3rd year of providing gardening opportunities for people in the Swanage area who would find it difficult to do this activity on their own.

At present, we have a site at All Saints Church (where we meet on a Thursday morning), a site at Knitson Farm & a project at the Catholic Church (run by Steve Watts) as well as a couple of gardens where we help the owners.

Activity at the sites involves regular visits where vegetables and flowers are grown with produce shared by the workers or given to friends. The project has its own bank account and public liability insurance and holds quarterly meetings of leaders (Nick Viney, Steve Watts, Judy Edgington, Andrew Fleming) to oversee activity. The project presently operates on a fairly informal basis with a regular group of users and operations led by Andrew Fleming.

We are currently looking for leaders & sites to offer more opportunities for those suffering from say – loneliness, frailty, depression, limitations – to join us as a helpful & mutually encouraging group of friends.