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Raise The Roof Campaign

The Centre management board has worked to deliver the first phase of the business plan to upgrade the building. To date, the plumbing has been renewed, a new heating system installed, general redecoration carried out and soundproofing installed – all of which has made The Centre a building fit for community use.

Plans to add a sound system, to enable the building to be used as a venue, are also in hand.

Unfortunately, the high winds and severe weather over the last two years have taken their toll on the roof, which needs to be replaced before next winter at a cost of £45,000.

The management board will, of course, continue to apply for both local and national grants, but we ask you, our community, to help us raise the money to undertake this essential work, to ensure that our vision becomes a reality.


Donations may be made by cheque to:

The Treasurer
c/o 2 Atlantic Road
BH19 2EG

Or online: using the donate button on this page.

Thank you!

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